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Above are some images of VCD covers of Xiong Shou Nian doing sword sets (bottom one is bagua saber for comparison). He is of the lineage of Zhang Zhao Dong and Qian Shu Qiao where Xing Yi and Jin style Bagua are both taught so we am not certain if these sets are intended to be hybrids or purely from one art. In any case, to us the sword looks very long – perhaps even longer than a Miao Dao. Could some kindly reader leave a comment if he or she has ever heard of extra long swords? It seems to us there would be a great challenge making such a weapon

1. two-edged

2. strong enough to withstand a parry by a broadsword

3. light enough to be nimble

4. still rigid enough to pierce someone without bending or flopping.

Obviously, someone made the sword, and it be used with

considerable dexterity. Does anyone know the name of the sword

or where it can be purchased?