In most of the world one can, with some perseverance, find a teacher for the popular external Chinese martial arts such as Shaolin, Wing Chun and Choy Le Fut. Inside China there are probably hundreds of external arts and styles. Similarly, one has a fair chance of finding a teacher for Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi Chuan and Bagua Zhang. Again, there are plenty more internal styles found inside China. To make matters somewhat more complicated there are systems that combine Xing Yi and Bagua or even all three arts. Within a major internal art it is common to encounter ten or more styles. We started listing them on some of our webpages ( and only to discover that really the most effective way to explain what is different is to show short videos. So, we are going to post very short but illustrative clips in a matrix arrangement – how different Xing Yi styles do Six Harmonies sword, for example.