Liang Hong Xuan is currently the inheritor of the Wansheng style Miao Dao. He’s done two very clear videos (both in terms of explanations and photography) explaining the techniques and applications of the weapon. They are available from Plum Publications (

1. DVD #24641 Wansheng Miao Saber Routine #1

2. DVD #24642 Wansheng Miao Saber Routine #2

also of interest

1. VCD#106 Pi Gua  Miao Dao (leaf saber) #1

2. VCD#108 Pi Gua  Miao Dao (leaf saber) #2

4. there’s also DVD#24242 Cloud Demon  Miao Saber and Survey

Some blades for sale at Wing Lam Enterprises:

The length of the blade is 40 inches or more. This is likely 10 or more inches longer than most straight swords and, with a 15 inch handle, comparable to a Ba Gua Big Saber. Even though the blade is comparatively light most actions involve two hands. However, at three junctures in the first Wansheng set the performer throws a knife.