Butterfly Wings and Blue Silks

August 2013

A very odd weapon – the crescent blades add some protection to a vulnerable middle section while the blades at the ends handle more like daggers than sword blades. They are longer but not as rigid as spearheads, even though the weapon itself fights much like a double-ended spear. There is a fair resemblance to the rarely seen sun moon spear which has curved blades on the ends. In both cases the blades lack the muscle or heft of something like a kan dao or a pu dao where one might imagine crashing through wooden armor or hacking through
a thigh or ribcage. Grandmaster Wing Lam suggests that the Butterfly Wings come from one of the Mantis styles. If anyone knows of a commercial video (DVD, VCD, VCR) on either of the weapons please contact us at info@silverwolfwushu.com. While we have emailed a few San Francisco Bay Area Mantis teachers if anyone knows of someone (any art) teaching either of these weapons we would be grateful for any contact information.